10 Ways to Enjoy Back to School as Grown Ups

I have always looked at Back to School as a season. It’s not so much about the return of school, although, okay fine, that’s part of it. But it’s more, to me, about what it brings with it. A memory of elated shopping trips searching for protractors and trapper keepers, and brand new clothes for fall.  The feeling of anxiety in not knowing what awaits, but some excitement in that surprise. In one of my favorite lines in the Tom Hanks Meg Ryan movie Youve Got Mail (one of my favorites only in that its a love story to nyc), Hanks equates the return of fall in New York City to pencil shavings, and other almost tangible metaphors. Back to school is a feeling, not an event. And much like Thanksgiving, or Christmas, you can still enjoy and celebrate it, even if you don’t practice. In case you’re anything like me, and slightly get off on the idea of a fresh, new page in a composition book, or brand new daily planner, then here are 10 ways to enjoy back to school, even as a practicing grownup.

1 Buy a new agenda to plan your year or “school year”. I treat Back to School like New Years Eve, in that, its a fresh start and a chance to begin new routines. Even though, I’m not going back to any classroom, it’s an opportunity to engage in my already serious obsession with daily planners and purchase a new one for the year ahead. If you need a new planner for a fresh start here are my 7 favorites. See more at Polyvore by clicking on below picture.

7 best Planners for Back to school


2 Clean out your closet & make way for new FALL clothes.


3. Take a class. Whether it be knitting, cooking, base jumping, whatever your fancy, why not take a class in something this fall. Hone up on a skill, or better yet, try something brand new that you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of taking a writing class, or yearned to learn how to make mozzarella cheese. Whatever it is, Course Hourse can help. They have over 40, 000 courses in almost anything you can imagine. Sign up, and get $10 off your first class.

4. Buy a backpack. Backpacks are big right now, and what better way to flaunt some serious back to school fashion minus the actual curriculum. With so many out there to choose, from designer to vintage, you’ll be able to pick one that fits all your daily needs, whatever they may be. Just make sure you are all up to speed on the ‘correct’ ways to rock it.

back to school, back to school fashion, backpacks, fall fashion

5.  Use composition books as notebooks. I love switching up from my planners and notebooks to use a composition book. It makes me nostalgic for one of my favoirte old books, Harriet the Spy; like some little kid on a secret mission, taking secret notes. The reality is obviously much more bland, and inconsequential, but hey, they’re still fun to carry. It makes me feel very collegiate, and that seems fitting for fall, especially with all the NYU & SVA kids piling in all around my neighborhood and across Manhattan.


6. Start a daily savings plan. Treat this back to school season like your own renewal by hitting the recharge button on everything in your life. An overhaul to your fitness, food, fashion, and even your finances. I’ve never been more consicous of saving in my life, and am spending less than I ever have, while working on new ways to build every single day. Anyone who is a freelancer, or entrepreneur can tell you that while some may think you ‘live the dream’, the reality is far different. Get those two things to meet by starting a new savings plan for the year ahead, using whatever method is feasible for you. To get things started, head over to Mint.com to see your spending habits, credit score, and more.


7. Try a new skin regime and upgrade your daily routine for fall.  I just started using the skin care system by Clarity MD that includes deep pore cleanser and a clarifying serum. Stay tuned for what my skin and me thought of the change.


8. Set New Goals. Technically, New Years is when we make our resolutions, and pretend to set new goals we have no intention of keeping, effective immediately. But I have always treated the month of September much like the month of January. It’s a time for fresh starts, new beginnings, and the chance to set new goals for yourself. For me, it means treating Back to School like a chance to take everything to the next step, as I metaphorically graduate to the next grade.



9. Reinvent lunch ideas. Stay tuned next week for new ways to enjoy lunch this back to school, no matter where you spend you days.



10. Tidy Up. Need a new project? I’ve been gearing up to start reading and implementing the uber popular, ‘ Life Changing Magic of Tidying up‘ which uses the Konmari method to clean house. It may not be spring, but that’s no reason not to start cleaning up. Will you join me?




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