10 Things to Help with Your Summer to fall Transition

Fall is a few weeks in, and the weather has already majorly cooled down around the island. Pumpkin muffins, soaps, body washes and coffee flavors can be found around every corner, and my lusting for an apple picking trip grows stronger with each passing leaf. In case you’re somehow, still not yet fully embracing fall, here are 10 things to help with your summer to fall transition. It’s never to late to make a change. Until at least December 22nd.


1. A new fall flavor from Starbucks. The first new flavor in four years, the toasted graham latte is about to give the beloved PSL a run for it’s money. If you didn’t already have a reason to embrace the cooler weather, this would definitely be it.


2. A new skin routine. Recently, I was given a chance to try a treatment with beloved skincare brand, Strivectin. Perfect timing, not only with the start of fall, and a new season, but also a month that includes one very sweet night, literally. Their advanced intensive concentrate system hydrates and moisturizes using advanced skincare techniques that target what peeps in the biz call ‘youth collagen’. Not only do they have the loyalty of their fans, but studies show that the brand has been proven to signifigantly reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and visibly enhance your skin. This anti aging treatment, which, sadly, is becoming more and more important in my life, is a necessary new addition to your skincare arsenal this winter. Shop, and learn more.

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3. A guide to getting clutter free. I’ve mentioned before my obsession with reading the now quite famous, much imitated ‘The life changing act of Tidying Up‘ and its Konmari Method. As of now, that obsession still technically remains static, but why wait till Spring to start cleaning up. There’s no better time than the present to put yourself in order.


4. An easy, everyday bag. When I used to hit the morning commute to my office every morning, I would haul a huge bag on my arm. Whether it was an enormous nylon Tory, or oversized, classic Louis, I carried the kitchen sink with me everywhere I went. These days, my every day bag is smaller in both size, and contents. And my shoulder, much like my on the go storage facility can take a rest. But I still can’t leave the house without a tote on my arm; even if it only has a few things inside. To go without one would make me feel naked. Or worse, unpreprared. When I attended the Womens Health and Feed Foundation wellness event earlier this summer, the amazing, enormous gift bag came in an even cooler gift, the bag itself. A canvas & burlap Feed Foundation tote that I tasked with becoming my daily companion. I think she’s up to the challenge. Obviously, the Feed Foundation offers a lot more than just a fun accessory to plant on your arm, but there’s no denying it happens to be a pretty stylish line, and that’s worth noting too.


5. A new accessory to rock daily. I love this bracelet from the JLO Endless Jewelry collection.  Win your own here.


6. the Ultimate Guide to Style from People Style Watch. The new book from a fashion magaazine that you can actually shop; People Style Watch is a style bible for fall ideas and inspiration. Even the chicest of stylistas needs that from time to time. Shop the book on Amazon here.


7. Sally Hansen Airbrush Tan. Keep your tan well into fall with this cult classic Sally Hansen after sun product. I’m addicted to it for one simple reason. It really, really works. And you can buy it on Amazon for under $5.


8. Restoring summer hair. Extreme shampo and conditioner from Redken will give your hair the much needed overhaul from summer with a repair mask. Redken’s extreme line will help restrengthen hair from summer sand, heat, and more. Start getting your hair holiday ready now.

9. Update your smile with the Crest 3D White Brilliance Whitening system. You may think you smile more in summer, but since fall is my favorite season, it’s the best time to try a new tactic for that bright, white smile. And expensive strips are a thing of the past. The new Crest 3D White Brilliance system is a simple, stylish 2 step process. The power couple starts with a deep clean, and then ends with a whitening finish, in the same amount of time it typically takes to brush your teeth during both morning and evening routines. And it truly leaves your teeth feeling clean, and sparkly. Seriously! I dont know if it’s a mental thing, but the last time I looked in the mirror, I swear my teeth sparkled. Start to #getpolished now.

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10. A new routine for mornings on the run. No longer will you skip breakfast after this summer. Going into fall and winter you can have a new tool in your on-the-go arsenal. Modern Oats, a delicious instant oatmeal in a bowl is perfect for chilly October mornings. I enjoy mine with a side of latte.


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