10 Reasons to Have Family Movie Nights

Everyone, no matter the size, should plan to have family movie nights. It doesn’t matter if the family consists of just the two of you, one child, or a sea of siblings to go around. It doesn’t matter if you have a screening room in your house, or just one super comfy couch. All you need is your clan, a great flick, and of course, some popcorn. Not only are they a great, and inexpensive way to spend time together, but research actually shows that it is, in fact, important to watch movies as a family. Read more below for 10 reasons to implement, and have family movie nights.


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1. Strengthens Bonds.

When you watch family movies on Netflix | netflixupdate.com, you instantly bond more with each other on an emotional level. Even the process of choosing which film everyone watches can induce teamwork and togetherness.

2. It makes children more likely to achieve academic success

Research completed by Family Facts has shown that investing in family time by watching movies is precious. They demonstrated that when children spend time with their mother and father, they are more likely to be successful at school. This applies in particular during weekends, which is prime movie-watching time.

3. Can potentially lessen behavioral difficulties. 

It may be hard to believe that watching a Goldie Hawn movie will improve your children’s behavior, but it is true. Again, this is because it means that you spend time together as a family, which reduces the chances of your child engaging in things such as cheating or stealing. By watching a film, you can instill good values in your child, particularly when you discuss the social situations that are reflected in it.

4. Children Are Less Likely to Be Violent

Considering that it is so easy to find great family movies and that it has so many fantastic benefits, it is surprising that more people don’t do it. Again, because doing things together, even something as simple as watching a film, strengthens bonds, it makes children less likely to be delinquent or violent.

5. Reduces possible substance abuse issues.  

 One study has shown that when students spend time doing relaxing things with their parents, like watching TV, they reduce their chance of abusing substances. In fact, they halve their chance of turning to illegal substances like cocaine or marijuana.

6. Boosts Confidence Levels

 When you watch a movie as a family, you not only physically get closer, but you might get mentally closer too. To some, it may seem like a mindless activity, but it’s actually a perfect chance for bonding more which will likely lead to bigger picture benefits.

 7. Can create intimacy

There is nothing cozier than snuggling up to your partner during a movie at home. But kids love it too. If you want everyone in the same place at the same time, movie watching can be the perfect tool.

8. Possibly less sibling rivalry issues

Chances are, if you’re all engrossed in a movie at the same time, arguing and fighting seems more unlikely. Even if that likelihood only lasts a few hours, isn’t it worth it?

9. Can build trust

When people watch a movie together, spending time in a comfortable, relaxed environment, they may start to trust each other more.

10. Better communication and social skills. 

 If actual conversations with your family can be few and far between, have family movie nights as a way to actually create some. Before fleeing the scene at a movie’s end, use that time to chat and reflect on what you just saw. Maybe it will illicit some great chats, or maybe just a quick opinion. Either way, it can work to get an interesting talk going, regardless of how long it lasts.


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