10 most brutal Scream deaths ranked

Ghostface mania is at all time high, with social media giving new meaning to the word fandom. The 1996 horror movie which just turned 25 didn’t just revitalize the genre. It created a new kind of horror entirely. A modern era slasher that was in on the joke. Redefining the final girl, and the notion of a villain. Now, after a decade, the fifth much anticipated installment returns on Friday. Devout fans everywhere celebrating with movie marathons of the original franchise. Discussing, and debating their favorites. In honor of Scream 2022, lets take a look back the 10 most brutal scream deaths ranked.

Ghostface doesn’t get the same acclaim as Jason, Freddy or Chucky. And unlike them, Ghostface isn’t a supernatural entity. It’s just a human being triggered by rage, and vengeful emotions. But while the others focus on the novelty, Scream prides itself on the unveiling of a masterful killer. Figuring out their identity is a vital part of the story. Despite that, Scream is just as brutal of a slasher.

So, let’s take a look back at the most brutal Scream deaths ranked below.

1. Casey Becker – Scream.

It may be cliche, but here it’s true. The original really is the best. Though there have been many worthy scenes throughout all the films, Casey Becker is still the most iconic.

Perhaps because we didn’t know what to expect. So when the main star is unexpectedly, and brutally murdered in an opening scene echoing Psycho, it was jarring. All these years later, nothing tops the image of a bloody Casey hanging from her backyard tree.

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2. Tatum Riley – Scream.

Tatum (Rose Mcgowan’s) death in the first Scream movie is by far the most inventive and fun. One of the most memorable, tight shirt meme and all. When looking at the best, or most brutal Scream deaths ranked, this one sits high atop the list.

3. Randy – Scream 2.

Movie nerd Randy’s untimely death in Scream 2 was unfortunate, and horrifying. Fans still mourn the characters absence. On the other hand, it made for a tense and horror filled moment with an image still engrained in many’s brains.

4. Maureen- Scream 2.

The opening scene of Scream 2 is a brilliant take on cinema and theater goers at the time. Almost 25 years later it’s just as relevant too. Jada Pinkett Smith, bloody, and bellowing out for help to a screaming theater of oblivious patrons is still impossible to forget.

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5. Stu – Scream.

Of all of the Scream deaths ranked, Stu’s demise by TV – at the hands of a kick ass Sidney – is one of the best. And although many fans are still theorizing and hoping he makes a return for the new reboot, if that scene is any indicator, he’s definitely quite dead.

Though Stu’s death was brutal, it was also necessary, and let’s face it, pretty cool.

6. Cotton Weary – Scream 3.

After going from background to bigger role in Scream 2, you’d think Cotton (Liev Schrieber) would get the most screen time yet in part 3. Except, the twist is that he’s the victim of this installment’s opener. After pretending to flirt with him on the phone via phone synthesizer, Ghostface reveals himself. Sending Cotton racing down the highway. He tries to save his girlfriend, but both of them somewhat easily succumb.

Though not quite as brutal as some of the other Scream scenes, it’s more impactful because of who it is.

7. Officer Richards – Scream 2.

Hardly any Scream death sequences take place in, or near a car. Except of course for Randy. But officer Richard’s death in Scream 2, though a minor role, is particularly gnarly. The tension begins when Ghostface intercepts Sidney and Hallie in a cop car at a stoplight. From there, a struggle ensues. Concluding with one officer stabbed and the other on the hood of the speeding car. As it crashes. on the hood of the speeding car. As it crashes, he’s impaled through the head with a pipe. One of the more illustrative kills of the series.

8. Jennifer – Scream 3.

Scream 3 is the most divisive of all the films. But Parker Posey as the Stab movie’s Gale Weathers is undoubtable one of the most memorable characters within the franchise. And she only lasted one movie.

Which is what makes her death even more upsetting. Knowing the Scream headcount, at one point, it seems she may just make it. Instead, she’s attacked, and repeatedly slashed. As the real Gayle and Dewey remain unaware of her presence behind the mirror. When Ghostface throws her through it, a dead, bloody, battered Jennifer is revealed.

9. The Stab scenes – Scream 4.

Scream 4, the last film in the series, until now, has a memorably meta opening. One that includes three fake-outs. The first is shown to be the Stab 5 movie. As it pans out, we see Chloe (Kristen Bell) and Rachel (Anna Paquin) watching it on the couch. Just before Chloe suddenly stabs Rachel in the stomach. When that is also shown to be a movie – Stab 6 – the real movie begins again with two new women watching it – who will also soon be ceremoniously killed by the new Ghostface.

Despite this, it’s the fake Stab openers that are actually the more unexpected, and effective.

10. Steve – Scream.

Poor Steve. Barely anyone remembers him. But he took a real hit for girlfriend, Casey Becker in the original Scream.

Being only the second person killed in the franchise, it’s easy to forget him. But Steve’s death – having his guts literally ripped out while tied up by the pool with Casey waiting in the wings – is both scary, and gory.

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