10 Simple Sandwich Ideas for Lunch this Fall

The idea of lunch has evolved a lot in recent years, both in society, and in my life, personally. As a corporate girl, I would aim to pack a lunch 5 days a week; pre planning salads, and brainstorming easy sandwich ideas and other recipes I had time to concoct. I would dream of time to eat vegetable and egg quiche cups, or Chef salad, but settle for what was realistic. Now, as a writer whose office is my home desk, the time that I once dreamed of has finally arrived. I can put together a healthy, and homemade lunch, or even eat a steaming plate of eggs for breakfast. And yet now, lunchtime seems to elude me even more than before. The idea of eating at ones desk is a mentality most women face, and many of also yearn to break free from the habit. We work too hard to stop for a break, or even for food, but then we’re enraged when we realize we don’t have the option.

Yet somehow, the level at which I take care of myself seems to be indirectly proportionate to the level at which I take care of my man. I always need to make sure dinner is planned, and on the table. Not because he cares, but because I do. And more times than not, I make his lunch. Sometimes even as much as four times a a week. Because I’m a homemaker? No. Because he can’t make his own, or afford to buy a sandwich? Of course not. I dont know, but somehow the responsibility of creating food for someone else makes me feel good, and makes me feel special. I fed someone, and they enjoyed something I created. Much like writing can feed your soul, and I aim to feed the souls of readers, a meal you make can feed the stomach of someone you love. So with that, here are 10 very easy sandwich ideas to put together for lunch this week, either for you, or them. They don’t have to be fancy, or intricately made, just made with love.



Just a few simple items on your grocery list can provide lunch for you or your family all week long. Simple sandwiches that take only one step may not win you any intricate awards, but hey, they’re easy and delicious. And even healthy.



1. Nutella with apple slices. 

2. Peanut butter with banana slices. 

3. Cream cheese with cucumber. 

4. Egg salad with tomato. 

5. Hummus and cucumbers.

6. Mozzarella slices with pesto spread. 

7. Goat cheese with pomegranate seeds. 

8. Tuna salad with paprika. 

9. Cheese and tomato slices. 

10. Turkey and French’s mustard spread. 

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