11 Back to School Essentials to buy at the 99 cent store

The other week my soon to be sister-in-law was sharing with me the back to school preparations that were taking place in the house. Everywhere around the world families make preparations for the season and their home would be no different. All this chatter created nostalgia for the days when I would scour the store aisles for my own back to school essentials; trapper keepers, book covers, and notebooks galore. A time when September meant seeing the world through rose colored pencils. Nowadays I don’t get to partake in these rituals. No kiddies of my own yet, and currently, I’m enrolled in zero adult education classes. This means only one thing. If you’re at all like me, and this time of year has you wanting to relive the youth of your school shopping days, there’s only one thing you can do. Hit up your local Jacks World or 99 cent store, and make up your own list of grownup back to school essentials.

From composition books for daily to-do lists, to coffee filters, ice cube trays, mounting tape, and more, there is ample way to feed not just a back to school need, but any needs of the new season; be them necessary or super random.

Here are 11 grown up back to school essentials to scoop up at your closest 99 cent store:

11 back to school essentials to buy at 99 cent store

1. Composition books. You can never have too many, and for the record, even grownups can use them.

2. coffee filters. If you’re an addict like me, you always need these on hand.  

3. Dove soap. You cannot go wrong with Dove soap for a dollar. A staple in our shower.  

4. Ice trays. Play around with detox recipes, frozen fruit or some coffee ideas.

5. Bandana. It might not be the authentic ‘bandana’ but for a dollar might as well grab a few and experiment with one of the most popular trends among stylish women today. (Go figure.)

6. Baking soda. Septemeber’s not just a fresh start for you, or the family. It should also be a fresh start for your fridge.

7. Socks, 3 pack. One can always use more socks.

8. Nivea cold cream. This $1 blue jar is a old school beauty staple among classy women in the know.

9. Shampoo. If your shower is filled with high end soaps, and spa treatments, why not throw in an easy, affordable staple for back up? You never know when you might need a simple shampoo in your arsenal.

10. Mounting tape. September brings lots of change, and for many, that also means a visual makeover. Kids decorate lockers, and home offices might get a revamp. For whatever you’re taking off the wall, or adding to it, make sure to grab some mounting tape for all your projects.

11. Cheap 2017 planner. Just because it’s September, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start planning for the new year. Instead of spending a fortune on calendars and planners, grab a super cheap one as an extra for jotting down any important dates or goals.


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