Orange you glad Spring is almost here!!…. orange colored styles to stand out in

This weekend we turned the clocks back, which means- we all got to party a little harder on Saturday night, and blame our sloppiness on … Read the rest

Sheer Lengths of Genius…. sheer maxi skirts and dresses you can wear out

Little did I know that my long time habit of wearing very long skirts as dresses, a sort of sloppy chic look I put together, … Read the rest

The "A ring or I'm gone" ultimatium now comes with Reinforcements…Don't say no this bride!

Engagement Ring Brass Knuckles For The Belligerent Bride By Gabriel Bell They always say, the day you get married is supposed to be the happiest … Read the rest

The L Word… rantings from the underground battle

I am perpetually working on myself, as many people on this island. I tend to think I’m a pretty easy going person, and though it … Read the rest

Going through Changes

Everyone is doing it these days- Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, yes sometimes, we all just need a fresh change.  And you know how that new, … Read the rest

preppy nightime

preppy nightime by Beecharmer featuring high heel sandals inspired by a modern day Ali Mcgraw

Spend your Friday night doing THIS

One Step Beyond: Slick Rick + Ralph McDaniels + Roxy Cottontail Rose Center for Earth and Space (at the American Museum of Natural History), Today … Read the rest

Make Some Waves… w/ scallop accents hot for Spring/Summer 11

A favorite look of mine, that doesn’t seem to ever get enough play is making some headway this spring – the Scallop accent is a … Read the rest

Dream a Little Dream for Me…. Dream Yoga Mats on Sale

I am constantly on the search for the perfect Yoga mat. Sure, mine works just fine, and I am not usually the type to spend … Read the rest

You See Right through Me…

When dealing with real life friends, spouses, significant others and family, no one wants to seem transparent. The phrase, I can “see right through you”, … Read the rest