A little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone….

Today is an exciting day for Style island. My itty bitty baby took her first step today- My self deprecating (DUH!) post earlier this week … Read the rest

Return of the Mack… Bob Mackie fashion illustrations debut for fans, and a new generation

Earlier this week I went to the launch of Bob Mackie’s new collection of fashion illustrations, and I was treated to not only a colorful … Read the rest

The Buzz from my lips…. lip gloss with a theme

I stumbled upon the most amazing thing today, and it happened to be purely by accident ironically enough. How amazing, that someone had almost the … Read the rest

To Buy or Not to Buy, that is the question

All A-BOAT you Bag – It’s summer which means…. I found this bag on Modcloth.com today — And I am already obsessed with thinking about … Read the rest

Derek Lam & Ebay collaboration hits the net

Fashion flash! The highly anticipated Derek Lam + eBay collection has finally hit virtual shelves today! Iconic in every way, this capsule series consists of … Read the rest

Manhattan, I love You…. by HK Michaels

I have to admit, today’s Daily Buzz was found by accident, but immediately after stumbling upon it, I realized I must share it w/ my … Read the rest

I'm Sleeping, On a jet plane……

I already have a intense fear of flying. It’s not crippling to the point where it affects my life, and I’m not gonna lie-I do … Read the rest

Shellac Attack – The newest thing in nails

Could this be the best… manicure… EVER? The rumor mill is running and the bloggers are buzzing. This new Shellac manicure from CND is touted … Read the rest