Shellac Attack – The newest thing in nails

Could this be the best… manicure… EVER? The rumor mill is running and the bloggers are buzzing. This new Shellac manicure from CND is touted … Read the rest

Forget Greed… Green is good… Celebrate Earth day in style

This Friday, April 22nd, Earth Day is having an exclusive birthday party, and everyone is on the list. This Friday mark’s Earth Day’s 41rst anniversary … Read the rest

The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1)Power lunch in K -town – For my friend’s very last day at work, we went to one of their favorite restaurants, Madangsui. This area, … Read the rest

The Dog Days are over….. Styles with Bark

We might be jamming to this on our i-pods, but it seems that now more then ever dog ownership is on the rise. Everywhere I … Read the rest

The Princess diaries Starring….. Kate Middleton

Remember, way before Devil wears Prada, and the Oscars when Anne Hathaway was a undercover pretty nobody, who went from ugly duckling to … surprise… … Read the rest

Peace of Mind around your neck

Today, I am buzzing about this really cute Buddha charm necklace from Tina Tang. I don’t know if it will bring instant tranquilty to those … Read the rest

Queen Bee's – Who gets the honey??

Lil Kim famously asked, “You wanna rumble with the Queen Bee?” This morning, while getting ready for work after hitting myself for missing yoga this … Read the rest

Jet-Set – Or at least live vicariously through the jet-setters.. New book from CFDA

This is the ULTIMATE coffee table book for all those obsessed with both fashion, and travel. I happen to one of them A scrapbook (Again, … Read the rest

The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1)  Source Code- I saw it this weekend and was reunited with my long lost love, Jakey G– Often I think back to those 2 … Read the rest

Tom's Shoes- Making a real difference…. fashionably

Yesterday I missed posting about something, that ironically, I had bookmarked, tagged, and planned for almost 2 weeks. But life got in the way, and … Read the rest