The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1) Pippa middelton-Because never can I remember a stranger causing such a stir for an outfit. The day before the royal wedding she was virtually … Read the rest

Spring Me Back to Life – 6 signs that Spring is finally Here

1) Last week I got excited when walking through the Oval where I live, I spotted a blooming flower. All over Stuyvesant town, potted plants … Read the rest

The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1) Kate Plus… The whole World- The Royal Wedding- I have to make a confession. I really don’t care about the Royal wedding. But since … Read the rest

Manhattan, I love You…. by HK Michaels

I have to admit, today’s Daily Buzz was found by accident, but immediately after stumbling upon it, I realized I must share it w/ my … Read the rest

The Juice, the whole Juice, and Nothing but the Juice- Mapping out the BluePrint cleanse….

I really wouldn’t consider myself a lucky person. I’m not being negative, it’s just typically, the type of random outcomes that can happen from day … Read the rest

Neighborhood of the month: K-TOWN

One great thing about living on this crazy island, is the fact that you can live here your whole life (case in point), and still … Read the rest

The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1) The Tribeca Film Festival. Every year throngs of islanders get excited as new, little known, and soon to be very known films make their … Read the rest

I'm Sleeping, On a jet plane……

I already have a intense fear of flying. It’s not crippling to the point where it affects my life, and I’m not gonna lie-I do … Read the rest

Shellac Attack – The newest thing in nails

Could this be the best… manicure… EVER? The rumor mill is running and the bloggers are buzzing. This new Shellac manicure from CND is touted … Read the rest