Try the Tomato red Color Trend Ripening This Summer

The tomato red color trend seems to be everywhere lately. It’s not clear how long it will last, and if history repeats itself, after dying out, this trend eventually will repeat itself again too. But for now, the tomato red color is still important. From the upcoming release of Baywatch and that iconic red bathing suit, to the IT balloon and the symbolism behind new drama The Handmaids Tale, tomato red has infiltrated fashion, film and even technology. This is one tomato that, as summer approaches, continues to remain ripe for the picking.

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1. The new special edition iPhone. Apple’s brand new special edition Product Red iPhone 7 comes in their signature tomato red color and benefits the Global fund to fight AIDS. Comes in 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen display, starting at $38 a month.

2. Baywatch bathing Suits. This remake is almost here, and even Zac Efron’s abs can’t save how bad it already looks. But one thing is sure to last longer than this remake and that’s the iconic red bathing suit that has also made it’s simultaneous return. A recent scandal involving a red one piece only perpetuated the iconic piece of fashion, and in a timely manner too.

3. The Handmaids Tale. The symbolism of bright, deep red throughout the new Hulu drama based on the old story is rampant. It’s significance as the rise of the tomato red color trend spreads remains secondary to its importance throughout the series.

4. Red rubber Birkenstocks. They’re already sold out on Nordstrom in the tomato red color, (of course) but you can also find them on Farfetch, for $37.00. A huge discount considering regular leather Birkenstocks can go for hundreds.

5. The red balloon in IT. A red balloon has been symbolic for a long time, dating back to the french, classic film of the same name. But the iconic item makes its return, in a very different manner, when It hits theaters on September 8th this year. And that red balloon has been at the forefront of much of the marketing for the new film.

6. Amal Clooney’s pregnancy style. Amal’s style has ALWAYS been a topic of discussion; that’s nothing new. But now, the almost mother of twins is also being hailed for her SWP, style while pregnant. Especially this tomato red look the wife of George recently donned to a meeting.

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