Garden brunching in the L.E.S

Pre-Target fuel up. Top, Vivienne Tam. REd shorts, Forever 21. Red flats, fendi. Bag, Feed tote.

A Day at Targe (tarjay)…

Remember the 90′s movie when a pre-buff, Labrinyth Jennifer Connelly gets locked in the target overnight with the guy who’s obsessed with her? As a … Read the rest

Derek Lam & Ebay collaboration hits the net

Fashion flash! The highly anticipated Derek Lam + eBay collection has finally hit virtual shelves today! Iconic in every way, this capsule series consists of … Read the rest

hi from style island

Nothing to say today. Except, no matter how much they annoy us, frustrate us, give us advice we never want, or tell us to do … Read the rest

No Woman is an Island— From one island to another- Stories from the outer borough…

New york city is fun when you plan stuff, but it’s also all about impromptu events that can change an evening, or a life for … Read the rest

The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1) Pippa middelton-Because never can I remember a stranger causing such a stir for an outfit. The day before the royal wedding she was virtually … Read the rest

Why Men Love.. Beaches

Life’s a Beach by Beecharmer featuring beaded shoes This rainy day on the island is leaving me yearning for another type of island- the tropical … Read the rest