The Bee-Five- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week

Since I fled the island early last weekend for the holiday, I was unable to post my weekly 5 obsessions- So here they are- This … Read the rest

City Seen: Friday Summer date nights with your Dog

On Friday nights during summer on the island, everyone goes outside to eat. Whether it’s two girlfriends, two guy friends, a couple, or any other … Read the rest

Something Wicker This Way Comes….

There are always a few things about a person that don’t necessarily match her personality. A few little quirks, that don’t make sense, and yet … Read the rest

The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1) My seasonal and reemerging Shake shack obsession.The masochistic need to stand on a ridiculous line, stacked like little tiny soldiers in a big park, … Read the rest

BEE F. F : The scales of FriendSHIP

Friendships can be hard. Relationships can be even harder. But if you truly value your girl friendships as integral to your life as the man … Read the rest

The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1. Jones Wood Foundry – This little english styled pub on the upper east side is one of my obsessions this week for three very … Read the rest

The Pursuit of Happiness

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about happy. Not necessarily happiness, or how to be happy, but just the word itself- Happy. We can turn … Read the rest